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Oblate Spheroid

Oblate Spheroid (balloon) is 8 feet tall and approximately 8 feet wide when fully inflated.  Thirty quilters participated  in making 12 sections on top and 12 sections on bottom.

The international project was inspired by one of our previous members.  Herbert Menzel Jr. and debuted at our 2014 Quilt Show.  He found this unique project online.   ( by Bellarine Patchwork and Quilters Group (Victoria, Australia) in 2010.  They learned of the project by photographs taken at the Yokohama International Quilt Show in Japan.  The project was a feat of sewing expertise and clever construction and Herb guided us through it beautifully.

This giant ball ("balloon" as we call it) consists of 23 panels measuring over 6 feet long.  To construct each individual panel, there were no rules or color  and design guidelines.  The design was for each artist to use their own creative ability and style.   Herb did require each piece to be quilted.  The sewing construction of the ball was a huge task taken on by Herb.

The inside holds an 8 foot weather balloon and requires a pump to blow up the ball.  Herb also constructed a stand to support the ball at exhibitions.

Thank you Herb and the 30 quilters who participated in this memorable project.

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